Main Task- Final Video Take 2…

After the feedback we received from our final draft we were extremely unhappy. We decided to take all of the advice on board and give it one last edit to achieve the best we could and an slightly extended deadline allowed us to do this.

First of all we took out the footage of the news reporter. This footage was blurry and did not have the effect we wanted it to have at all and by taking it out we could already see a massive improvement. We then recorded and added more of a voice over. This was effective as it added something different to our product and made it less repetitive. We then also lengthened our titles as this had been mentioned a couple of times as our improvement. This also took us almost up to the 2 minute mark. During the newspaper shots we took some freeze frames of the harsh words we included. We then added them into the shots where we just zoomed in and out along with back and white flashes. This again added something different to these shots and made them less repetitive. Here is some evidence of our editing:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Overall we are much more comfortable with this final draft than we were with the other one. It has given us the experience of how much time and effort it takes to create a real film and how there is always something you could do better. I have learned so much from this process and will use it whenever working on a project.

What I have learned from this experience is priceless. Despite the multiple struggles we have faced throughout the process I am so happy we did as we learned from those struggles. I am really looking forward to next year and working on an entirely different kind of project! Now I just need to pass my as exam… A level media here I come (hopefully!)


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