Order of Titles

I have decided to look into the order of titles in more detail so my group can be confident with what the order we place the titles in and our main task is as professional+ as possible. We obviously only had a certain amount of roles involved as it was a small scale product but despite this we want to make sure that those we do include are in the correct order.

This is the generic order of titles and how it fits in with ours:

  1. The name of the studio that is distributing the film. As we don’t have a film studio we are not going to include this credit.
  2. Name of the production company that is responsible for making the film. Also, if anyone invested in your product they will appear alongside the production company captioned with ‘in association with…’ Again, as we haven’t got a company that has produced and created our product, or any investors we will not include this credit.
  3. The producers name then appears under the caption ‘a… production.’ We will follow this as we are including our producers name so Simran will appear first in the credits.
  4. The directors name is next with the caption ‘A film by…’ We will also follow this title as we have a director, me! Therefore my name will appear second.
  5. The starring actors/ actresses are next. Therefore our next 4 credits will be of our 4 actresses name. We will have ‘Starring’ before the first name but won’t have it before the other 3.
  6. The film title is usually next but instead we are going to break this convention and have our film title at the end. This is because we want to build up the tension first and draw everyone in before revealing the title as we feel it will be more likely remembered this way.¬†Instead for the next title we are going to have ‘edited by’ This is because we feel the editing is an important job and our main task wouldn’t exist without an editor so we feel it should have its own credit, even though its not featured in the generic order of titles. That means this Lewis’s name will feature here.
  7. The next title would be ‘Featured cast members’ and is set out ‘Featuring:’ however we are not using this credit as all of our actresses are equally important and are all starring roles.
  8. The next credit should be ‘casting by’ however as we didn’t hold any auditions and my performing arts friends did it as a favour we are also going to skip this title.
  9. We are also skipping the composer title which would normally come next because all of our music is royalty free from online and therefore we have no one to give credit to.
  10. The next credit would usually be ‘production designer’ but as we don’t have a product designer as we designed our main task as a group we will change this credit to D.O.P (Director of photography) So Erin’s name will go here.
  11. After this usually you put any others that are important and therefore we arfe going to end with ‘Makeup By..’ so Kate’s name will appear here.



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