Change of Actor…

Due to the fact that our Voice Over actress, Becca Bates, has not been available to film the last few attempts we decided to change our actor. We have recorded it with 2 male students.

aasif.png       :Aasif Davidson


adam.png       : Adam Day

We are going to use Adam’s recording. Using this in the opening title sequence will draw the audience in and grab their attention as they will be listening carefully to hear what the reporters are saying to get what information they can about whats to come in the film. We changed to male as we needed an authoritative voice and although Becca was female she had that however now that we couldn’t use her we thought it was best to use a male actor as their deeper voices definitely come across more authoritative. We now just need to edit this voice over into our project and change the credit with Becca’s name as the news reporter to Adam’s name.

This is a lot of progress for us to have the voice over done and we are now well on the way to having our final draft complete.

Main Task -Draft 4…

This is our draft 4 for our main task! We have sped up the titles and changed the font of the credits. We are much happier with this now. The font is a lot more conventional for the thriller genre as it conveys danger due to the angles of the typography. The editing is also now a lot more snappy and I feel this draws the audience in a lot more and definitely fits with the conventions of the thriller genre.

All we have left to do is edit in our voice over- which we have now finally recorded!!! We also are going to move the order of credits around according to my blog post ‘order of credits’ which explains how we are going to order our credits.

Our progress this week has been good and me and Lewis our editor have been working extremely hard for the past few weeks during lessons and after school to get the edit done to the best of our ability and I feel this effort has really paid off!

Order of Titles

I have decided to look into the order of titles in more detail so my group can be confident with what the order we place the titles in and our main task is as professional+ as possible. We obviously only had a certain amount of roles involved as it was a small scale product but despite this we want to make sure that those we do include are in the correct order.

This is the generic order of titles and how it fits in with ours:

  1. The name of the studio that is distributing the film. As we don’t have a film studio we are not going to include this credit.
  2. Name of the production company that is responsible for making the film. Also, if anyone invested in your product they will appear alongside the production company captioned with ‘in association with…’ Again, as we haven’t got a company that has produced and created our product, or any investors we will not include this credit.
  3. The producers name then appears under the caption ‘a… production.’ We will follow this as we are including our producers name so Simran will appear first in the credits.
  4. The directors name is next with the caption ‘A film by…’ We will also follow this title as we have a director, me! Therefore my name will appear second.
  5. The starring actors/ actresses are next. Therefore our next 4 credits will be of our 4 actresses name. We will have ‘Starring’ before the first name but won’t have it before the other 3.
  6. The film title is usually next but instead we are going to break this convention and have our film title at the end. This is because we want to build up the tension first and draw everyone in before revealing the title as we feel it will be more likely remembered this way. Instead for the next title we are going to have ‘edited by’ This is because we feel the editing is an important job and our main task wouldn’t exist without an editor so we feel it should have its own credit, even though its not featured in the generic order of titles. That means this Lewis’s name will feature here.
  7. The next title would be ‘Featured cast members’ and is set out ‘Featuring:’ however we are not using this credit as all of our actresses are equally important and are all starring roles.
  8. The next credit should be ‘casting by’ however as we didn’t hold any auditions and my performing arts friends did it as a favour we are also going to skip this title.
  9. We are also skipping the composer title which would normally come next because all of our music is royalty free from online and therefore we have no one to give credit to.
  10. The next credit would usually be ‘production designer’ but as we don’t have a product designer as we designed our main task as a group we will change this credit to D.O.P (Director of photography) So Erin’s name will go here.
  11. After this usually you put any others that are important and therefore we arfe going to end with ‘Makeup By..’ so Kate’s name will appear here.


Main Task – Draft 3

This is our 3rd draft for our main task. We have really tidied up the editing and are really happy no with what we’ve got. We have decided we don’t like the font of the credits so are currently looking for a new one. Also, we need to look further into the order of credits as we are not 100% confident that these are an appropriate order. We are going to explore any lighting effects and possibly make the lighting a bit darker in some shots to show a varied time of day that each victim was found. We also created a set of questions for a fellow classmates and had a screening of this draft. Here is our questions and their feedback:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From this feedback i am now confident with the music and how it matches our edit. I am glad everyone noticed how much we have improved from our first draft. We are going to try and improve the continuity of our newspaper shots and speed them up to make them more interesting.

Main task- 2nd Draft


This is our second draft of our main task. It is still very messy towards the end and there is work to be done, including adding in the voice over. I am very happy with the beginning but definitely will go through it with my editor and make a note of what needs to be done for the final draft.

I like the music and the pace of the title sequence although I feel the credits need to be shorter. Although it is not supposed to be smooth cuts as we want it to seem like the murderer is recording the footage like a home movie the continuity is still not at the standard I would like it to be.

We have still got a long way to go but we have all of our footage edited together which is a big step forward from our 1st draft so I am happy with our progress from now and then.


Choosing How to Record our Voice Over…

So next Monday we are hoping to record our voice over. We are filming in a music room at school as they are soundproof rooms and therefore no external noises will effect our recordings. We then have the option of using either a microphone connected to a camera or an edirol.



Firstly we explored the use of the edirol as we had not come across this before. We struggled at first as it did look very old fashioned and we couldn’t work out what buttons did was as it’s not clear on the device. We recorded some conversations and worked out that you had to press the stop button to stop it recording rather than the record button again. We then couldn’t work out how to play the recording back so we gave it to our teacher to have a look at and we realised that there was an SD card in it that all the recordings must go onto so we put it in the computer and found the files. The quality of the sound however wasn’t brilliant and therefore we have decided to stick with what we know and use the microphone and camera.

When using the microphone and camera we will need complete silence as the mic will pick up all sound. Due to this we are going to use a music room as they are soundproof. I, as Director and Lewis, as camera man and editor are going to the only people in the room along side Becca, our actress so that background noise is as limited as possible. I am feeling fairly confident that this will all work out, so fingers crossed it does!


Group Progress…

We are feeling a lot better about our deadlines this week. We have now filmed all of our footage!! Erin took the camera home during half term and filmed the shots of the pictures of the girls alive and dead. I then took the camera and filmed the shots of newspaper cut outs.

We are now working really hard to get our second draft finished and get some feedback on it so we can then use that feedback to improve it for our final draft. The only concern now is to get the editing done and to record our voice over hopefully onMonday as the last attempt didn’t work out as the soundproof rooms and equipment wasn’t available.

Everything is good at the moment we’ve just got to focus on the edit. I will keep updating!